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Concierge Merida offers you a variety of services designed to ease up your travel, moving or your current life in Merida.
From helping you during a trip to purchasing and upgrading your home, we are your helping hand in the city.

Our Services

Concierge Services in Merida

We are here to assist you with anything you may need in Merida and nearby towns. We offer common services in standard packages like property management, aiding in government processes and ground transportation, but we can also provide customized services if you have a need that is not covered in our standard services. Feel free to contact us and ask us anything! 

CUSTOMIZED Concierge Services

Client Reviews
They Trust Concierge
Amy Jones
Amy Jones
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I've used Concierge Mérida for many things - handyman, pool cleaning, house cleaning services and even watering my plants while I was on vacation! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 service! Highly recommend!!!
MK Mexico
MK Mexico
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We work with multiple management companies in multiple locations and we must say that Concierge Merida is one of the best. The communication from Tin and his team is outstanding and reviews from our guests prove it. Thank You Concierge Merida!
Cassie Coleman-Heppler
Cassie Coleman-Heppler
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One of the best numbers to have found since moving to Merida was Tin Castros at Concierge Merida. This company has become our new “Go To” when we need anything done.
Joseph Elster
Joseph Elster
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Had originally planned to use Concierge Merida for one item, but when that fell through... I used them for another... and another... AND another! Great job with communication, staff always friendly and cleaning up after themselves. They offer a wide variety of services and do a fantastic job of managing them!

Property Maintenance

Custom services to solve all your property maintenance & cleaning needs. Our service starts with an inspection to create a tailored proposal that we adjust to cover your needs. Stop worring about your property and start enjoying it.

Planning and Assistance

Customized Trip Planning

A helping service that is faraway from packages offers or sales.
We can help you to plan your trip with all the steps and details that you could not find in a travel agency.

This is Us

About Concierge Merida

Concierge Merida is a team of people conformed by both expats and locals founded to help other people enjoy Merida the way we enjoy it and help them get started in the city. Our philosophy is to embrace the roots of the native and blend in with them, showing them we can live in their land with mutual respect and earning their acceptance. Trust us to show you the ropes and enjoy a fulfilling life in Merida. 

We assist you

Want to live in Merida?

Many members of the expat community in Merida have required a helping hand to get started in our city. From providing assistance with the immigration office, finding and scheduling transportation, document translation and giving them a tour of the neighborhood or renovating a place, we can help as much or as little as you need us to. 

Chat with us and get answers to some of your questions. 

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