Our goal

Provide The Highest Quality
of Customer Care and Service

Concierge story

How it Started

Moving from one country to another can be difficult, specially with cultural and language barriers. The idea was born int he mind of Sebastien, a french expat who moved here from France to expand his business. After residing in the Yucatan for over 10 years, he had the privilege to work with amazing professionals who can help our expat community in their daily tasks. Concierge Merida was born with the goal to bring you together with our trustworthy and reliable service providers.

Our Mission

We know how difficult it is to express your ideas and needs without knowing the local language. We are here to make your life easier by creating  dependable communication, professional care and hassle-free solutions.  Our services are not limited so feel free to send us a message, if we are unable to assist you, we will point you in the right direction.

In the picture, we helped coordinate K&M’s wedding at the local courthouse. 

Our Commitment

At Concierge Merida, we are firm believers in fair trade and we pride ourselves on offering our employees respectable salaries and benefits that allow them to live with dignity, in exchange for quality work that can be guaranteed for our customers.

In the image, our crew member Jorge, checking even the last detail of the work. 

The Concierge Merida Team


Seb is the founder of Concierge Merida. He was born in France but has spent many years traveling and living in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Tin is the General Manager of Concierge Merida. Tin was raised in the USA and has lived in Merida since 2009. When he's not working he plays guitar with his band: Rock Soul.


Our trusted admin. Vero has lived in Merida for over 30 years and has been working in admin for over 20 years. She spent a few summers in Alaska, doing some social work and learning English.


Reyna is one of out trusted (and beloved) helping hands. A true local, she is a single mom supporting 2 kids. Born and raised in Merida, we have learned a lot from her skills and commitment.


Cinthia was or first employee, and therefore, is very valuable to us. With her insight, we have been able to improve and go further in our endeavors. She's the embodiment of a hard working woman, trying to achieve her goals in life.


Carmen is our customer service head, being the one that ensures communication flows properly between our customers and our employees and providers. She was born in Merida but lived in Austin, Tx for 5 years.

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